Berlin: Open Your Windows!

For Berlin, Open Your Windows! an opera singer was hired to project a series of sung public declarations about the city of Berlin, from the windows of four apartments in different transitional neighborhoods throughout Berlin—Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte and Prenzlauerberg. These declarations, sung in German to the melody of Mozart’s "La Nozze De Figaro", described perceptions and opinions on the changing neighborhood and city, drawn from interviews with tenants, news stories, historical and literary references, and my own personal impressions and reflections on this city. The aim was to comment on the public space from a private venue emphasizing the subjective and the personal.

Media: Public performance with opera singer
Dimensions/duration: variable
Year: 2010
Performer: Emily Dirks


Anthony Marcellini - Berlin: Open Your Windows! - kreuzberg_performance02
Anthony Marcellini - Berlin: Open Your Windows! - friedrichshain_performance04
Anthony Marcellini - Berlin: Open Your Windows! - kreuzberg_performance06