Public Allergies

"Public Allergies" is a radio drama collaboratively written with the artist Heman Chong, which aired on Resonance 104.4 FM in London. The play centers on a fictional artist, Simon Tam, who has been invited to create a public art project for Broadway Market, London. He proposes a performance situating one hundred riot policemen along Broadway Market during the Saturday farmers market. The execution of the piece causes a reaction resulting in a full-scale riot. Presented in two acts, the piece gives two different perspectives on Tam's work; the media's coverage on the outcome of his performance, and an interview between Tam and a fictional young curator. As the radio drama unfolds, we witness the questioning of motivations and consequences in the production of public art that engage on highly populist levels, and the results of artists not taking responsibility for their creations.

Commissioned by Visionary Trading Projects, London.

Special thanks to Fatoş Üstek, Verity Haines, Zia Trench and Richard Thomas for last minute edits to the script.

Artists: Heman Chong and Anthony Marcellini
Media: Audio
Dimensions/duration: 00:19:41
Year: 2011

Simon Tam ... Heman Chong
Antonia Eda ... Fatoş Üstek
News Anchor ... Verity Haines
Fiona Bolton ... Zia Trench
Police Officer ... Richard Thomas

Anthony Marcellini - Public Allergies - Public-allergy-diagram_big_drawn-arrows
Anthony Marcellini - Public Allergies - PA06