Simple Blowhard Tomato

Simple Blowhard Tomato is a site-specific video, which  explores the nature of sense and nonsense, the comprehensible and the incomprehensible. It is set against the backdrop of our contemporary moment in which the boundaries between these two oppositions seem more fluid than ever. Inspired by advertising and early childhood development films, the video is split into three parts or conjoined scenes, where three different sign systems – text, sign language and object – are rapidly introduced. Together these signs form a series of oblique phrases, which are followed by a colorful text definition. Featuring deaf actor Morgan Nimmo.

Media: 3 channel video
Dimensions: 00:1:29 min
Date: 2019

Presented as part of “The Big Screen: Cobo Center Marquee Series” part of Cobo Art, curated by Alivia Zivich