Slowly Breathe in…and Out…Through the Object

Slowly Breath in…and Out…Through the Object is an exercise in group meditation for 20-30 people. This performance attempts to unearth and heal a trauma about public sculpture, based on the removal of Richard Serra's "Titled Arc". Participants are led through relaxation and breathing exercises. After being instructed to close their eyes, they are given a metal object to hold, concentrate on, and use as a tool for breathing and relaxation. I recount a story about a larger metal object and the problems with its audience and site, leading to a tragic conclusion. The performance ends with an act of reconciliation, forgiveness, withdrawal and ultimately release. Upon completion, participants are instructed to slowly open their eyes. As I leave the room they come out of the meditation and discuss the experience. No photos of the performance are recorded.

This performance was most recently presented in April 2013 as part of Moderation(s): A Thing At A Time, at Witte de With, Rotterdam. And was originally commissioned in September 2012 as part of Skulpturengarten Strombad Kritzendorf, near Vienna, Austria.

Media: Performance with audience and small rusted steel objects
Duration: Approx: 00:25:00
Year: 2012, 2013

Anthony Marcellini - Slowly Breathe in…and Out…Through the Object - slowly_breathe02