The Halfway There

Brightly colored plastic objects melt in reverse, moving from a liquid state to a temporary solid before softening back to ooze. Representing these objects in flux, suggests their solid midpoint, their economic value, or their cultural significance, is only temporary and can always shift to the immutable.

This video is accompanied by a remix of Sheryl Crow’s song “Halfway There”, which describes the singer’s attempts to reconcile with another's political beliefs distant from her own. Using beer, weed and nature, Crow entices the other to bridge their ideological divide singing, “If you really care, Baby, if you dare, Won't you meet me halfway there?” What Crow seems to ignore is that this political other, who she desires to reach, already sits in a place of power and contentment and will not concede anything for they have nothing to gain through any reconciliation, thus it is only Crow who surrenders her ideology. The song, altered by arpeggiated bleeps, distorted drumlines and ominous synths, is played forwards and backwards both affirming and undermining Crow’s efforts.

Media: One-channel video with sound
Year: 2017
Duration: 00:16:43 min

Presented as part of the 99 Cents at MOCAD, Detroit. Curated by Jens Hoffman